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Why MG doesn't exactly do the same like before?

24/05/2012 development

First of all, this will be a development post, so maybe incomprehensible for someone. Roland F. pointed out, what is the problem: Just one thing: drag up was not only go to inbox in the original version. go back to the inbox or the label/folder of the current mail would be better. I know…

New icon!

24/05/2012 development

I hope it's better than the first one. How do you love?

Problem with image loading

24/05/2012 development

Some users are experiencing problems with triangle image (fails to load). The original documentation wrote this solution: // Code for displaying /images/myimage.png: var imgURL = chrome.extension.getURL("images/myimage.png"); document.getElementById("someImage").src = imgURL; Yeah, I…

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